Placing an order with Content Ingenious and making a payment will be deemed your approval and acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned here. It will constitute a legal contract between the Content Ingenious and the client and you will be bound by the term and conditions mentioned on this page.

Only original content is delivered to clients

Content provided is plagiarism-free and original and is offered along with a Copyscape report. However, Copyscape is unable to scan content found on images or videos and other media. You are free to conduct another advanced plagiarism check on your own, but such services are not covered in services offered by the Content Ingenious.

Content delivered offers you complete ownership

Every order on completion will be deemed your property once it is delivered to you, and you are not bound to acknowledge Content Ingenious in any way for the work. You are free to publish the content under your name or utilize it in any way you want.

Protecting your information

Security measures come into place after you submit personal information. The Content Ingenious uses SSL to maintain security and confidentiality. Your information is not stored in the database once the transaction has been completed.

Purpose of using cookies

Content Ingenious uses cookies to track website advertisements and gather and interpret site traffic data and visitor interaction. This step helps the Content Ingenious improve user experience on the website. In case third parties are used to improve the services, they will still not be allowed access to your personal information.

Policy regarding images

To ensure long-term trust with the clients and reputation in the market, Content Ingenious will not be using copyrighted images, but rather, you will be provided a link to recommended images that you can use on your own. You have the option of utilizing royalty-free images. In the case of copyrighted images, you will need to pay their owner.

Limitation of liability

Please consider this carefully, as Content Ingenious will not be liable or held responsible for any direct or indirect losses suffered by the customer on account of using this website or services. This includes any loss due to viruses that may have resulted from the use of this website.

Updating of policies

The privacy policy may be changed and you are requested to keep reviewing the page for any changes. The privacy policy may be changed with any prior notice.

Refund policy

You are advised to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the refund policy to avoid any dispute. In case of any confusion, please contact customer support to discuss your issues. Refunds are only offered in special cases and under certain conditions.

In case you have made purchases amounting to more than $15,000, then the amount will be refunded in monthly installments worth $5000 each.

Full Refund

You have the option of a full refund, as Content Ingenious values its clients. If you are making a refund request after work has been started on your project, please contact the customer support staff for further assistance.

Change of mind

If you have changed your mind after placing an order, a refund request can be made in the first hour of placing your order. Other cases will incur a 60% processing fee.

Incompetent delivery

After the delivery of the work, clients can only request a refund once the following options have been utilized but to no avail. In case the work does not comply with the project requirements or according to the customer’s request. Content Ingenious offers its clients 100% satisfaction and, thus, unlimited revisions to ensure you are satisfied with the work. If you reserve free pages for the future, you may avail of them anytime, but they must be of the same value. If the company fails to deliver what you requested, a refund can be requested and processed on a set percentage. However, the work should have been off the mark.

Time limit for refund

Refund requests need to be made within 120 days after work has been delivered, after which such requests will not be entertained. Kindly note this deadline to avoid any disputes in the future.

Conditions under which refund requests will not be entertained

If the order is delivered late due to technical errors, including word count, grammatical errors, typing, and others, then refund requests will be processed mutually, and a settlement will be reached with partial refunds or in other cases, discounts that had been reserved for future purchases. The company will not bear any responsibility if there is a delay on the part of the client. Refund requests will not be processed on the basis of low writing. Refund requests for book marketing and publishing orders will not be entertained if the client has not provided access to bookstores on Amazon and other platforms or to their social media channels that seriously hurt the company’s ability to maximize sales.

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